• globally, 77,600,000 girls do not attend school
  • there are 33,000,000 fewer girls than boys in primary education
  • girls with secondary education are 6 times less likely to be married as children
  • a girl with 7 years of schooling in the developing world will have 2.2 fewer children
  • a child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5
  • two thirds of the 775,000,000 illiterate adults, and 63% of illiterate youth, are female
  • literate mothers are twice as likely to immunize their children and send them to school
  • a girl who completes basic education is 3 times less likely to contract HIV
  • a girl earns 20% more as an adult for every additional year of education she receives
  • a nation’s GDP rises an average of 3% when 10% more its girls attend school
  • less than 2% of international development funds are specifically allocated to girls
  • school is not free in over 50 countries

photos: (1) malala yousafza before addressing the un; (2) joey l. of a school for the hamar tribe in ethiopia; (3) beawiharta in jakarta of students who risk life crossing a collpased bridge to get to school; (4) muhammed muheisen in pakistan; (5) altaf gadri of an unofficial school run for slum dwellers held under a bridge in new delhi; (6) paula bronstein of burmese refugees in thailand at a school in their refugee camp; (7) daniel leong mun sung in cambodia; (8) per anders pettersson, uganda; (9) lana slezic in afghanistan; (10) roberto schmidt in afghanistan, where acid attacks and poisoning of water by the taliban is on the increase at schools for girls. (stats)

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